about us

about us

We specialize in crushing and screening. The main products are crushers, processing construction waste, mining, engineering construction, earth and stone engineering and other fields. The main products are jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, etc. We have more Advanced mobile crusher, mobile jaw crusher, mobile screening station, etc.

  • Rich service experience
  • 100% job satisfaction and guarantee ever
  • All modern machineries
  • Best quality Techinicialns and engineers


Provide professional technical support, reliable spare parts supply and perfect after-sales service, multi person professional technical team.
The same is quality, we are more reliable; the same is service, we are more thoughtful, to provide you with good, fast and perfect after-sales service.
Factory direct sales, quality assurance, directly to consumers.


Accept service requests
365 days a year.


environmentally friendly
Safe and convenient.